Salish Capital Advisors is a unique specialty advisory firm focused on the private debt and alternative asset markets.  Drawing on the firm's years of professional experience and deep network into the rapidly evolving debt financing market, Salish seeks to provide the marketplace with independent advice to navigate an environment where the market players and needs change frequently.

Structured Products Advisory
  • Strategic advice and due diligence support for CLO/CDO and other structured product managers seeking to grow or exit the business.
  • Independent credit advisory.  Provide independent assessment of collateral within existing structured products and/or portfolios being considered for acquisition.
  • Portfolio management.  Outsourcing capabilities to manage existing leveraged loan, mezzanine and bond portolios through periods of wind down, warehousing or during periods of staffing shortages.
  • Work-out, amendment and restructuring assistance.
Independent Credit Research
  • Provide high yield credit, leveraged loan and mezzanine fund managers with an independent resource for assessing credit worthiness of potential transactions as well as ongoing recommendations for existing portfolios.
Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Origination, structuring and placement of private debt for middle market companies with a specific focus on senior secured debt, asset backed loans, mezzanine and non-controlling equity.
  • Amendment, restructuring and work-out advice for companies, financial sponsors and debt underwriters.
  • Covenant and working capital management support.
  • Due diligence assistance.
  • Board observation, outsourcing capabilities for non-controlling shareholders.
  • Strategic and business development.